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"Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd (SPR)" Mumbai (India) provides PR Services by which clients benefit from strategically devised top-notch public relations, marketing & promotions concepts. "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd." has earned a reputation for its prompt response and ingenious strategies. As our client's business expands, so does the need for creative marketing and promotional implementation. "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd." style and approach offers top public relations (PR) services to make your business more competitive.
Core Activities

Public Relations Planning

At “Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” Our services help in planning and sustaining efforts to establish and maintain the reputation of the client. Planning begins with an understanding of client's activities, the message to be conveyed, identification of Target Audience and finalizing immediate and cost-effective mode of communication. "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd." remains in constant contact with all forms of media including technology, general business & trade media, Electronic and online media, as well as industry and financial analysts. This continues communication enables us to be highly attuned to regular changes in media and the new attitudes, perceptions and policies of the media &analysts, at large. Clients benefit as they only have to explain their communication needs.

Media Relations

Managing a client’s reputation begins with our own reputation among the media. Since its inception in 1997, “Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” has been enjoying excellent relations with most media vehicles be it newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio stations, online portals and e-zones, This is because of the crisp and simple manner in which news is presented to media persons without inconveniencing them. Our team of professionals – which consists of many ex-journalists – customize news in such a manner that it is a value add for the publication. This knowledge of media comes from years and years of experience in dealing with the media, understanding their needs and fulfilling their requirement of “news with substance”.

Crisis Communication

“Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” gives best PR services when it comes to Crisis Communication as the strategy used is Situation Analysis. We present to the media the client’s version of an on-going crisis with a view to enable the media to give a balanced picture of the situation. The endeavor is to direct public opinion in favor of the client and revive/enhance the goodwill of the client. The client is advised to Shape Company Message and then tools are identified for Reaching Target Audience on a real time basis. By and large, any crisis is resolved by the specialist Team of "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd" with speed and promptitude thereby making it a non-issue within 72 hours.

Event Management

The newly launched division of "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd." manages events, exhibitions conferences, meetings and promotional activities. While PR largely targets Mass Media, this activity targets a select few individually. These promotional activities & events are executed by "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd." with high levels of proficiency, creativity; planning and timeliness give that extra mileage to reach out the target audiences more effectively... The events we organize are

- Trade and exhibitions.
- Organizing Delegation Conferences.
- Seminars / Workshops.
- Theme based Events.
- Fashion Shows.
- Corporate Events like Team Building, Picnics, Promotional activities, incentive tours, product launches.
- In -Store Events / Mall Events.
- In - School Events targeting children or parents.
- College Fest Events.
- Career Based Events.
- Road shows.
- Entertainment Parties.
- Product Launches.
- Award Nights.
- Singing and Dance Competition for college / schools.
- Promotional activities for Hospitality Sector.

Corporate Communication

The word communication tries to establish a link of commonness between the message and the stakeholder. Corporate Communication is a high power tool passing on information to both the internal and external worlds. At ”Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd”, Corporate Communication is a continuous updating process based on the line of upcoming developments as well as current decisions and new policies. The strategic decisions, future growth plans, performance, etc are the key developments which are delivered to the target audience on a periodic basis through a combination of modes.

Consumer Communication

This is one of the most powerful ways to keep updating your customers on the beneficial value add services that you can continuously offer. ”Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” takes the customers of the client to a comfort zone where the brand / company become very close to their lifestyles. At ”Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” we constantly undertake research and keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends, fashions, and lifestyle changes in the society. ”Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd” offers customized customer communication and services to keep the target audience continuously excited about developments and offers from the client.

News Letters

A newsletter gives news or information to its subscribers or a special group (e.g. employees based across different regions). This is one field where "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd" excels in more ways than one. A newsletter becomes a mouthpiece for a corporate entity and hence needs to be editorially compact, concise yet covering major developments and are attractively designed to suit the targeted readers. Newsletters are the links which unite all the stakeholders making them feel like a family.

Analyst Meets

For listed companies – both existing and potential – communicating with research houses, brokers, investment banks etc is very crucial. Thanks to our excellent contacts among the above category, we can organize Analyst Meets in Mumbai (India) and enable a corporate entity to put forward their financials and growth plans which will help them create awareness in the investing community. "Sentinel Public Relations Pvt. Ltd" supports the client with sound strategies and superior resources.
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